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 Character Profile: Jane

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Jane    Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:06 am

Name: Jane Porter
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Relatives: Prof. Porter (father), mother (dead)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brunette


Jane is an only child. Her father did everything for her, even hadn't cared about her to be a lady. The only thing important for him was, that she had a good education. Better than normal women had at these years. He's the most important person in Jane's life.

Jane should've been married already but her first fiancé died, because of his age and an illness, the second one caused a lot of problems and blamed her in high society. She hided herself and studied like her father. Being a professor for plants and animals, she's one of the best, but not accepted in the men ruled world. Something that makes her feel angry.

Nothing of all those problems kept her away from stopping the things she loves.


Shan Yu (love):
Jane is sure she loves him, but doesn't know how to tell him. Sometimes he reacts so rude and cold, but is sensitive and caring the other time, she is confused. She knows that there is something inside her, she needs to tell him.

Ping (Friend):
Jane cares for him/her, but after they found out that he's a woman, everything seemed to get worse, no matter what she did. It makes her feel so sad.

Megara (Friend):
For Jane, she's like a sister she never had. But even with her not everything seemed alright between their relationship.

Eris (?/?):
Jane is not sure, if she sees either a friend or a foe in her, just tries to satisfy her curiosity first.

John (Friend?):
Jane had seen a good friend in him, but something changed. She saw him die and now he's back. Jane's hiding her feelings and just looks what happens.

BriarRose (?/?):
Still finds her interesting but can't decide if she's her friend or foe.
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Character Profile: Jane
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