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 Colors of Masks and Numbers(Pairings)

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PostSubject: Colors of Masks and Numbers(Pairings)   Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:34 am

This will be necassary for the next task so it is pretty important to check this out.

The men did not have numbers on their masks yet. Now they do. I took a hat. Wrote all the male names on seperated pieces of paper. And drew the names one by one out of the hat.
I started with Odette because she had picked the green mask (number 1) and shook the hat. Took a piece of paper out of it and it was Facilier. So Odette and Facilier are paired together. Please keep these numbers in mind. You'll need them soon.
The numbers have been added on the male masks aswell.

Odette: 1 (Green)
Esmeralda: 2 (Red)
Megara: 3(Violet)
Pocahontas: 4(Orange)
Jane: 5(Blue)
Tiana: 6(Indigo)
Isabella: 7(Yellow)
Rose: 8(White)
Kida: 9(Black)

Hades: 2(Violet)
Ping: 3(Orange)
Cassim: 4(Red)
Jim: 5(Yellow)
Sinbad: 6(Green)
Shan Yu: 7(Blue)
Tulio: 8(White)
John: 9(Black)
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Colors of Masks and Numbers(Pairings)
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