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 Let Me Out (Open)

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PostSubject: Let Me Out (Open)   Sat Dec 01, 2012 12:12 pm

She had tried nearly everything at this point... and yet the barrier never yielded to the pounding of her fists, the blow of her kicks nor the stabbings from the make shift stone knife she had to find in this place. Food had been carried on the wind and voices had been called into her ear yet she headed none of it. She drunk none of the water nor tasted any of the bread. And when the voices called she stayed silent in the dark. It was her way and her nature to rebel, she would not play not again but right now? she desperately wanted out. It had taken composure to stop her from acting like the animal she had become living on this island with nothing but her will to keep her alive. But trapped like this, the animal came out and it was desperate to be free from this prison.

Growling harshly before slamming into the barrier with all her strength before she was bounced back to end up in the snow grimacing as she got up. Pretty sure she would have a bruise on that side of her now. Panting softly as she sat up in the snow.
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Let Me Out (Open)
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