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 Christmas Inactivity and other stuff.

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PostSubject: Christmas Inactivity and other stuff.   Sat Dec 15, 2012 9:42 am

Hello everybody,

Now lately I have noticed some people have like difficulties with their computer their internet. Or are busy with studies and such,

Now I do not mind these things. Because Roleplaying shouldn't become something that you HAVE to do. It is just for fun and just so you can throw in all your creativity and so on.

So for the task that is now running, the whole forum is kind of dying because we are bound to one topic. For the person who is supose to reply this can be stressful because people are counting on you.
Atleast some people do. NowI am not going to close the current task.

But what I will do is just upload a new locations list. And let you people roleplay on your own time and just have fun. Now I would say for the task that is currently running, Reply when you can and feel like it. Sometimes in the task you could feel like your character just isn't supose to talk or do something, Than you can just leave it alone and have fun with your partner in your location. I do NOT want to MAKE you do anything, It is a roleplay and should be for fun.

Now as for the upcomming task, I am well aware that Christmas is soon to be here. And even I myself will probably not even have allot of time. So I will just give some characters something to work with and have fun with. Not a big task.
I will give out big tasks After christmas and new year and such when everything has calmed down and everyone has more time ^^

Talk to you soon ! ^^

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Christmas Inactivity and other stuff.
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