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 #5 light through the leaves of winter

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PostSubject: #5 light through the leaves of winter   Fri Dec 28, 2012 10:49 am

Hello everyone,

I am back. Yes I did enjoy my time in Disneyland ^^ but now it is time to get Pandora alive again.
The task that has been forever running shall now be closed (The mask task in the altar) For it took long enough.

Now for the new year I decided something dark wouldn't completely fit. So here's my plan.
There will be given new locations, when you wake up you will find your new partner and a sign of hope. Through the darkness there will be a slight light comming out of the trees causing flowers to grow in the spot where the light shines on the ground. Now you will all get an item from your past, but in order to get the item you will have to pluck a flower to get it. Once you'll pluck a flower from the lighted place it'll turn into an item from your past. A item that will bring a joyful memory. something very precious, something very special. This item can be of your own choice, But keep it small like a small collectors item xD
I hope it makes enough sense. Have fun ^^

the locations list will be updated soon. This task will end Friday the 4th of January.
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#5 light through the leaves of winter
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