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 The world is not enough {TAG: Meg, Jane, John & Jim}

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PostSubject: The world is not enough {TAG: Meg, Jane, John & Jim}   Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:10 pm

Esmeralda woke up on the beach she had lended on the first time she arrived in Pandora. She felt the cold and wet sand stuck on her face, her hands and her hair. She sat up and angrily tried to get rid of it. "C'est pas vrai, ça devient franchement agaçant." she mumbled before after spiting to expectorate the sand who had infiltrated her mouth when she was asleep. "Si encore il ne faisait pas si froid!" she added, grumbling.

Once she started to shake her hair, she noticed there was a lot of people on this beach with her. She recognized Jane, Meg... thinking about Meg, Esmeralda bited her lower lip. They have had a quite hudge fight not that early before. A fight she couldn't explain; she had been like... possessed for a moment and words went overtook her thoughts. Had it been the same for Megara? Esmeralda decided she would stay on her guard until she finds out what had happen with Megara.

Then, her gaze fell on the two others persons on the beach with them.
They were males.
Two of them.
"Et merde!" she let out with a disgusted face.

They were all still asleep. That might be her chance. Esmeralda took a deep breath and started moving, as silently as possible. She was good at it. Her stealing training had had its use in the end. She moved closer to the older and appearently stronger man. She remembered his features. He was the man who claimed to be the white-haired-girl's father... And also Odette's ex-fiancee if she remembered well.

Esmeralda casted an eye over his whole body to look at some potential weapons he could be carrying. She didn't see anything but he could have hidden it. This part was the most difficult one. Esmeralda silently shook her fingers and stretched her neck. Concentration was the key.
Delicately and very slowly, she sliped two fingers in one of his pockets, holding her breath and taking care not touching him through the cloth.

Still attentive to even the slightest movment from the blond man, Esmeralda slided to his other side, taking care of not making any sound.
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PostSubject: Re: The world is not enough {TAG: Meg, Jane, John & Jim}   Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:36 am

"What are you doing?", Jane asked sleepy, while watching Esmeralda with a tilted head. She just had awaken a few moments before. A rebellion started in her stomach and she hided her mouth with her hand. Pressing her eyes together, she couldn't avoid it anymore and jumped on her feet, running to the next trees, vomiting.

"Ugh...", she shook her head. Hopefully this would end soon. Jane took a few deep breaths in and out, before turning to the sea. Better having the salty taste on her tongue than the ugly one right now. Jane bowed down and tried a few sips, shaking inside. Not really better.

Now she turned back around to Esmeralda. Her view flew around, recognizing the others. Meg was here as well. A soft smile appeared on her lips. John and Jim as well, it seemed. Raising an eyebrow, she walked towards Esmeralda, who was squatting next to him. "Do you need something from him?", she asked carefully and gently. "Better ask him, when he's awake.", Jane smiled amused.
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PostSubject: Re: The world is not enough {TAG: Meg, Jane, John & Jim}   Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:16 am

Esmeralda quickly turned her head in Jane's direction, panicked, when she heard her voice in her back. But her attention quickly came back on the man who was next to her. 'Pourvu qu'il ne se soit pas reveillé' Esmeralda begged in thought. But he hadn't awoken.

Esmeralda sighted, relieved and slowly took back her hand from his pocket. She jumped when Jane started talking again and ran toward her. She covered Jane's mouth with her hands whispering with a desperate tone and look "Shhhhhh... Please... I'm begging you!"

She remained in this position, panting and not knowing what to do. How could Jane understand her action; she was so sweet and innocent. Her mouth opened but nothing came out so Esmeralda closed it again and looked down. How could she explain why she had done such a strange thing?
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PostSubject: Re: The world is not enough {TAG: Meg, Jane, John & Jim}   

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The world is not enough {TAG: Meg, Jane, John & Jim}
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